all mouth, no trousers (princessbunny) wrote in bunnyfooty,
all mouth, no trousers

It's July!

That means pre-season starts NEXT MONTH! That means it's almost time for Fantasy Football again! Yay!!

Plus, I get the first Saints game of the year for my birthday. Sweet!

Is everyone happy with Yahoo Sports? Any desire to switch to or someone else?

Currently we have a draft scheduled for Sunday 30 August at 4 pm EST. Anyone have a problem with this date? The date is flexible. I have to have an afternoon draft but if a bit earlier or later afternoon would be better for anyone, we can fiddle with that some too.

Everyone who played last year should have gotten an invite to join Bunnyfooty again. If you did not, or if you didn't play last year but want to this year, all you have to do is click right here
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